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How our Team is Doing

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How our Team is Doing

Congratulations to all of you on growing a successful business. Below you will see you top in sales and top recruiters for the particular campaign. Starting C13 For fun, you will be earning stars. For every 12 stars you have stamped you will receive free product bundle from me to sell,  use for yourself, or give away as gifts.  Everyone starts out with 1 star.

How to earn Stars

  • Be one of the top 3 sellers for the Campaign

  • Recruit an Active Rep

  • Host an Open House

  • Do a fundraiser

  • Order your BA kit, or go to a CBA class

  • Order your Leadership Kit

  • Make Presidents club or above

  • Participation of the site 

  • Go to a sales or leadership opportunity meeting

(Please inform me if you have not received credit for any of these tasks, I don't know if you don't tell me)

If you do not wish to participate in this activity, please let me know and you will be taken off the list. Thank you :0)


Presedents Club Achievement

Unit Leader Achievement

Top Recruiters

*Adrienne F
**Kim S
****Melissa D
***Danielle M
*Laura K
**Kim H
*****Shannon K

Top Sales in Campaigns from C13 to Present
* Gold Stars
C15 Kim Hunter $188
C14 Melissa D     $134
C13 melissa D     $140
*Silver Stars
C15 Shannon K $172
C14 Kim S           $121
C13 Adrienne F    $134
*Bronze Star
C15Melissa D $166
C14 Kim H          $98
C13 Shannon K   $130

Your Avon Unit Leader Kim Findlay 215-781-2615