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Lets Have Some Fun!!!
Someone can have a Jar of MONEY by the end of year

Ok Here we go!
Starting in Campaign 15 and ending in Campaign 26, For every NEW Customer you get PUT AWAY 25 CENTS! After each campaign email me the amount of new customers you have and once a month we will meet up and I will collect the money and put it in a jar. We can meet at the sales meeting(THAT WILL ALSO GET YOU A STAR!)
At the end of the year in C26 the rep with the MOST NEW CUSTOMER WINS the whole jar.
This site will be updated after each campaign with stats.

Reps with NEW Customers
**Starting with Campaign 16 ANY Rep that brings in a new recruit Sabine will give our unit $5.00 to put in the pot**
Melissa D  3

You do not have to participate. This is just something to have a little fun along with building your buisness.

Your Avon Unit Leader Kim Findlay 215-781-2615