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The Benefits of Leadership
*** I achieved Unit Leader within 5 campaigns, and got a $500.00 BONUS ***
For NEW Reps during their first 6 campaigns ONLY
Sell $750.00 and recruit 5 new reps in 4(four) consecutive campaigns from the campaign of your first recruit and earn $250.00
For New Reps during your first 6 campaigns and for existing non-leadership reps.
During your first 6 campaigns Achieve UNIT LEADER!
You (personal sales of $250.00) + *****(your 5 recruits)
                    $1200.00  Total Unit Sales
Gets you a 250.00 BONUS!!!!!!!
Thats a GRAND TOTAL of $500.00 just for showing others what you are doing.
*You can still get $250.00 bonus if you have already past your 6 campaigns*
Get your leadership Kits today!!!!

Your Avon Unit Leader Kim Findlay 215-781-2615