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Your Opportunity to Earn More
To help attract customers, Avon has lined up great beauty offers.
C-15 brings you Dreamlife Bouquet,
C16 Avon will be celebrating 100 years of Avon Color!
C17 turns up the heat with great beauty offers in the Sizzling Summer Sale.

Set a GOAL...Aim for sales of $150.00 or more!!!!
The more you sell the more you earn.
Top Three Sales Reps in C15
Kim Hunter  $188
Shannon $172
Melissa D $166
Top Three Sales Reps in C14
Melissa D  $134.00
Kim S   $121.00
Kim H $98.00
Top Three Sales Reps in C13
Melissa D  $140.00
Addrienne F $134.00
Shannon K  $130.00

This is just the beginning----DREAM BIG!! With delivery of eligible Beauty products guarenteed, you canreach out and sell to past, present and potential Customers with confidence. Seize this guarenteed opportunity to build your buisness.

Your Avon Unit Leader Kim Findlay 215-781-2615