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Net Shop Bargains


Your Pay

By clicking on the link below you are agreeing to the ebay fees. You will subcribe to paypal for your auction fees in the amount of $20.00 a month You will be given back ANY amount not used at the end of the month.
**This fee is not needed if you will be doing basic listings but if you want to start adding all different features I need your help**
Also by clicking on the link you agree that you will not use ebay account information for your personal use. As you have already stated that in a email
You can access the ebay account by going to the site
**This fee is to help pay for the fees, maintaing of a employee file. At the end of the year you will have all your earnings mailed to you for your taxes. You will be responsible for your own taxes** I will just be sending you what you made for the year.

To change your subscription settings, click here.