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Net Shop Bargains

Your Pay


Welcome to my website.
In this website you will find updates on products that you are auctioning.

My name is Kim Findlay.I have been married 4 years in February to a wonderful truck Driver/Volunteer Firman(Deputy Chief) I am a mom of 3 children.  Billy he will be 4 in April, Hunter will be 2 in January and Autumn just turned 6 weeks. You are a contractor for Net Shop Bargains. As you agreed to this position you know you will be responsible for your own taxes.
About the store.
My store has over 3500 products in it. Everything from Electronics, Household products to Beauty and Jewelry. I will keep you updated on new products.
I have 5 Girls working for me Ashley, Theresa, April, Jeanne and Mary. I want to thank you all and look forward to working together.
I will be maintaining the ebay store along with all the orders.
To access the site go to
I want to welcome you all aboard and to GREAT Success!
New Pages will be added as the business grows!!

As the months go by I will make this position exciting. I will run contests to keep you interested in your job.

Please get in touch to offer comments !

You can e-mail me at: