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Net Shop Bargains

Your Pay

Your Pay

How you will get paid

Everyone will have a catagory to work with. You will list items to E-bay and Max 5 items a week till further notice.
You will be Paid $10.00 per item sold. Before ANY listing goes up, You need to send a email to You can research what it is being sold for on the auction sites but I will give you the lowest price that it can be sold for. Remeber I have to pay for the item so we need to keep it at a price where a profit can be made. You can do Dutch Auctions if you like try to keep it no more than 20 items. Bonuses will be given out monthly to those items that sell for a big profit.

Please make sure I have your paypal account name so that you can get payment. Payouts will be on the 15th of the month. You can run your auctions for 7 days.
Please if you have any question please email me or call me at 215-781-2615