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Compensation: You will be paid $15 - $20 for each order you process.
For example; if you process 30 orders in a week you will make $600.00 weekly. The amount of money that you earn is entirely up to you, it depends on the amount of time and effort you choose to put fourth. The average person makes $200 - $400 per week. You will be responsible for keeping track of your earnings for tax time, as we do NOT take out any taxes or provide you with a 1099 form this is entirely your responsibility.
Training:  The training materials you receive will give you  step by step instructions on how to get started. When you receive your training materials you may begin working the very same day.
You will receive the training materials via your E-mail. This work from home opportunity is totally legitimate and how successful you are once again only depends on the time and effort you put fourth on your end.
There is no special software required for this position.
Method of Payment: You will receive your pay through Paypal. You are not going to be paid on a weekly basis, you will be paid for each order that you process.
There is a "One Time Non-Refundable Fee" of $16.95 to begin. The cost will cover the training materials sent to you. Once you process your very first order you will have made back this fee "GUARANTEED"!
Please understand that as much as we would like not to charge this small processing fee, we must protect ourselves from those who are not serious about this work at home opportunity.
No business can afford to cover administrative costs, wasted time to everyone who inquires about this position. This small fee assures us that you are serious about working from home.
To order the training materials you will pay using a Paypal account. You may open a Paypal account if you do not already have one by clicking on this link
**Please use for referral ID***
When you are asked for the E-mail address of the company you are making the payment to? 
Use: and once we receive your payment, we will E-mail you all the training materials you will need to get started. Please keep this in mind that if you send a check thru Paypal you will have to wait 3-4 business days until your check has cleared thru the bank, and thereafter once cleared we will send your materials out to you promptly. Although if you use a credit card or check card materials are sent right away.
 Once you have processed your first order you will have already made back the cost of the training materials. When you receive your training materials, you may begin working the very same day. 

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This work at home opportunity is legitimate and how successful you are only depends on the time and effort you put in.
To get started right away we offer paypal payments. you you do not have a paypal account please register her now