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Work At Home Staffing


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Here is what some of our applicants are asking

How Long is the training?    
Most applicants typically complete the training within 24 hours or less.
I Don't live in the USA can I still do the work?
Yes! The only countries we do not offer our services to are: Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Burma, Libya, Angola, North Korea, Yugoslavia, Balkans, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Sudan and Afghanistan.
Please contact us directly, via E-mail, for specific rules and regulations.
What kind of orders am I processing?
You will post ads via internet( to be covered in the training materials, but do NOT involve anything illegal or pornographic in nature).
Why is there a Fee? 
We have to cover our expenses in recruiting individuals, processing their applications and training you.  We require a low one time non-refundable fee of only $10.95 no other fees are incurred upon you.
If you are serious, and willing to put fourth the time and effort  to earn $250 - $500 or more weekly, then I look forward to hearing from you again so that we can get you started to working right away.
Thank You,
Work At Home Staffing

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